29 / 05 / 18

Pedal to the Medal

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Congratulations to the “Pedal to The Medal” organizing committee, and all the participants and sponsors on a great first Mountain Bike Race held in Clarenville on May 26th, 2018!  The race consisted of a mountain bike race on the King’s Court Trail followed by a skills competition allowing students to compete in a variety of

28 / 05 / 18


Congratulations to everyone involved in the 5km run!

Congratulations to all of the participants and winners at the POWER to HOPE 5km run that took place this past weekend! 👟🏃🏻 It was a successful weekend as the event raised over $16,000 to support Young Adult Cancer Canada! We would also like to thank the volunteers their hard work during the event! Great job everyone! 👏🏽

23 / 05 / 18

Changes to the Divorce Act

Ottawa is aiming to put children first in an overhaul of the Divorce Act. This will be the biggest change to the Divorce Act in 30 years.   The proposed changes fall into six main areas: 1) ​Replace terms such as “custody” and “access” with words like “parenting orders” and “parenting time,” to make the language less adversarial.

15 / 05 / 18

Summer Giveaway!

BBQ Season is Here!

As BBQ season approaches, we want to celebrate it in the best way that we know how – with a giveaway! We are giving away a “Summer Starter Pack” worth $250!

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