• As a fisher, am I obligated to provide a statement if I’ve been charged?

    You have no obligation to provide a statement but may do so if you wish, however, whatever you say, either orally or in writing may be used against you later.

  • What should I do when purchasing a new fishing vessel?

    The purchaser should always have a lawyer represent him/her to ensure the seller has clear title to the vessel, that the vessel is properly registered, and there are no mortgages or liens against the vessel upon transfer, and the vessel is properly transferred to the buyer.

  • What are special damages?

    Special damages basically cover expenses for actual losses incurred by the injured party as a result of the accident to the date of the claim and which can be documented. For example, if as a result of an accident the party loses two months employment, has to make numerous trips to another town for medical treatment and has to have someone to carry out house work, all these expenses can be recoverable as they are actually incurred and can be verified. Also covered would be damage to property, prescription medication, and the cost of treatments.

  • What is child support?

    Child support is the amount paid to a parent for the financial support of a child. The amount of child support is calculated by using the Child Support Guidelines. Our lawyers can work with you to determine your legal rights regarding the amount and duration of child support.

  • What happens to property in a divorce?

    During a separation or divorce, trying to decide who gets what can be very challenging and stressful. Our lawyers advise clients to ensure that they receive their share of property entitled to them under the law. This includes the division of the matrimonial home and other property, RRSPs, pensions, investments, and other personal property.

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