Bonavista Biennale is a wonderful contemporary Canadian art festival taking place on the Bonavista Peninsula from August 17th until September 17th.

Art works from artists across Canada are displayed in 24 locations in Keels, Duntara, Knight’s Cove, Bonavista, Elliston, Maberly, Catalina, Port Union, Port Rexton and Trinity. If you want to try to visit them all, you can pick up a passport at any of the sites and mark off the places you have visited! If you visit our Facebook post: you will see a unique art installation in Maberly created by Will Gill. It is a green chair on a rock just off the coast surrounded by pounding waves! The sculpture is a steel replica of the old commercially produced wooden chairs common to Newfoundland kitchens, the heart of homes, the site of family meals, communal “times” and sometimes lonely vigils. He sees it as a “collaboration between myself and the ocean”. In placing the chair literally within the sea, subject to tides and time, changing light and weather, he hopes that it “speaks to the idea of quiet fortitude against unrelenting forces”.

Mills, Pittman & Twyne want to congratulate the organizers of this thought provoking festival! More information can be found at You won’t want to miss this!!