In light of the growing concern surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to provide you all with an update on our increased sanitary and procedural measures.

At Mills, Pittman, & Twyne Law Offices we will continue to provide the professional and competent services our clients are accustomed to receiving. While doing this we will take all precautions necessary to prioritize the health and safety of our clients, employees, and community.

• In-person meetings will be kept to a minimum and will be by telephone or email whenever possible.
• Cleaning procedures for all office areas (including washrooms and lunchroom) will be enhanced. We will maintain an ample supply of disinfecting and hygiene products for use by employees, clients, and any other visitors.
• All meeting rooms and the reception area will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
• All staff will follow the recommended personal hygiene and handwashing standards.
• Anyone with flu-like symptoms will be asked to not visit our office.
• Anyone who has returned to Canada in the last fourteen days will be asked to not visit our office, including employees.
• We encourage anyone needing to visit our office to call for an appointment beforehand to enable MPT to ensure a safe space for their use.

During the coming weeks, it will be our policy to comply with any directives or suggestions made by the government and health authorities.

Stay safe and healthy.